Andrew F. Sunter



Force majeure clauses might cover COVID-19 and partially excuse contractual duties
Litigation Bulletin
By Robert Martz, Andrew Sunter and Paul Beke


Overlapping arbitration and litigation: when can the court step in?
ADR Perspectives, ADR Institute of Canada
by Andrew Sunter and Susan Fader


Private federal corporations will need to keep record of shareholders with significant control as of June 2019
Client Bulletin - March 2019
By Andrew Sunter, Bronwyn Inkster and Paul Beke


Kicking the Certification Can Down the Road: the Evolution of Judicial Discretion in Class Action Litigation – A Western Perspective
Class Action Defence Quarterly
Donald Chernichen, Andrew Sunter and Brendan Downey


A Summary of Canadian Natural Resources Limited v. Wood Group Mustang (Canada) Inc., 2018
OnPoint Legal Research
by Jeffrey Sharpe, Andrew Sunter and Robert Martz


Rule against overcompensation in Pierringer settlements should be applied generously in favour of plaintiffs
BD&P Litigation Bulletin - September 2018
Paul Beke, Andrew Sunter and Robert Martz


Counsel Comment on Turner vs Bell Mobility Inc.
Take Five On Point Legal Research, Alberta Edition, February 2016
Andrew Sunter


The Use of Circumstantial Evidence in Enforcement Cases before Securities Commissions: Two Perspectives
Presented at the Advocates' Society's Third Annual Securities Symposium
Andrew Sunter, Joanne Luu and Andrew Wilson


TWAIL as Naturalized Epistemological Inquiry
Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence
Andrew Sunter


Securities Commissions as an Antidote to Poison Pills: Xstrata’s Bid for Falconbridge
Osgoode Professional Development Centre's Canadian Securities Law Update
Andrew Sunter and Kent E. Thomson


The Harm of Drug Trafficking: Is There Room for Serious Debate?
Manitoba Law Journal
Andrew Sunter