Brendan Downey



Energy: Oil & Gas 2020 Law and Practice in Canada
Chambers and Partners, Global Practice Guides
By Evan Dixon, Sean Korney, Carolyn Wright and Brendan Downey


Canadian Private Mergers and Acquisitions Deal Points Study
Energy Newsletter
By Brendan Downey and Robyn Finley


AER refuses commercial allocation of regulatory liability for statutory non-conformance
Energy Bulletin
By Carolyn Wright, Evan W. Dixon, Tasha Wood and Brendan Downey


Federal and Provincial Government assistance for Canada’s oil and natural gas industry
Energy Bulletin
By Brendan Downey, Robyn Finley, Yang Guo (Student-at-Law), Mike Chernos (Student-at-Law) and Mike Henry (Student-at-Law)


Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project Clears Legal Hurdles
The Negotiator, Canadian Association Of Petroleum Landmen (CAPL), April 2020
By Paul Chiswell and Brendan Downey


Bill C-69: Introducing the Canadian Energy Regulator and the Impact Assessment Agency
Energy Regulation Quarterly, January 2020
By Evan Dixon, Brittney LaBranche, Brendan Downey and Mike Chernos (Student-at-Law)


Supreme Court of Canada takes thirty minutes to unanimously reject British Columbia’s proposed regulation of Alberta heavy oil through the Trans Mountain Pipeline
Litigation Bulletin
By Paul Chiswell, Robert Martz and Brendan Downey


Let’s talk about royalties: the continued uncertainty surrounding the creation and legal status of the overriding royalty
Alberta Law Review, Volume 52, Issue 2
by David LeGeyt, Ashley Weldon, Natasha Wood and Brendan Downey


Bill C-69: Introducing the Canadian Energy Regulator and the Impact Assessment Agency
Energy Bulletin
By Brittney LaBranche, Brendan Downey and Mike Chernos (Student-at-Law)


Federal Court of Appeal grants leave in TMX appeal application: roadblock or roadmap?
Energy Bulletin
by Robert Martz and Brendan Downey


British Columbia implements mandatory shutdown timelines for dormant oil and gas sites
Energy Bulletin - June 2019
By Brendan Downey


The 2019 Pad Site Sharing Agreement: an alternative model for defining commercial relationships between oil and gas producers
Energy Newsletter - May 2019
by Brendan Downey


Bankruptcy is not a licence to ignore rules: Redwater, insolvency, and Alberta’s uncertain regulatory future
Energy Newsletter - May 2019
by Natasha Wood and Brendan Downey


Supreme Court of Canada overturns Alberta Court of Appeal in Orphan Well Association v Grant Thornton Ltd.
BD&P Energy Bulletin
by the BD&P Energy Group


Alberta crude oil curtailment: a Q&A. What operators need to know about the amendments to the curtailment rules
Energy Bulletin - January 2019
By Brendan Downey with the assistance of the Energy Group


Kicking the Certification Can Down the Road: the Evolution of Judicial Discretion in Class Action Litigation – A Western Perspective
Class Action Defence Quarterly
Donald Chernichen, Andrew Sunter and Brendan Downey


Government of Alberta Takes Action to Address Unprecedented Price Differential
Energy Bulletin - December 2018
by Alicia Quesnel, Carolyn A. Wright, Evan W. Dixon, Brittney LaBranche, and Brendan Downey


Supreme Court of Canada finds no duty to consult with First Nations in the development of new legislation
BD&P General & Commercial Litigation Bulletin - October 2018
by Evan Dixon, Robert Martz and Brendan Downey


The CSA Confirms that Utility Token Distributions May Not Escape the Reach of Securities Regulations
BD&P Securities Bulletin - June 2018
Brendan Downey, Student-at-Law, Joanne Luu and Sylvie Welsh


Interpreting ROFR Exception Clause 902(d) in the PJVA Model Agreement: Canlin Resources Partnership v Husky Oil Operations Ltd.
BD&P Energy Bulletin - March 2018
Julie Taylor and Brendan Downey


I’m Taking My Gas and Going Next Door: Restrictions on the Export of Natural Gas from Alberta
BD&P Energy Newsletter - December 2017
Randon Slaney and Brendan Downey, Student-at-Law