Brittney N. LaBranche



Bill C-69: Introducing the Canadian Energy Regulator and the Impact Assessment Agency
Energy Bulletin
By Brittney LaBranche, Brendan Downey and Mike Chernos (Student-at-Law)


New merger review thresholds introduced for 2019: the Competition Act and Investment Canada Act
Energy Newsletter - May 2019
Brittney LaBranche


Alberta crude oil curtailment: a Q&A. What operators need to know about the amendments to the curtailment rules
Energy Bulletin - January 2019
By Brendan Downey with the assistance of the Energy Group


Government of Alberta Takes Action to Address Unprecedented Price Differential
Energy Bulletin - December 2018
by Alicia Quesnel, Carolyn A. Wright, Evan W. Dixon, Brittney LaBranche, and Brendan Downey


Investment Canada Act Net Benefit Review: Recent Changes
BD&P Energy Newsletter - December 2017
Alicia Quesnel and Brittney LaBranche


Important Changes to the Investment Canada Act
BD&P Client Bulletin - April 2015
Alicia Quesnel, Jody Wivcharuk and Brittney LaBranche


Small Merger, Big Problem: The Supreme Court of Canada Addresses Merger Review
BD&P Energy Newsletter - February 2015
Brittney LaBranche


That’s No Conspiracy: Recent Guidance from the Alberta Court of Appeal
BD&P Energy Newsletter - January 2014
Brittney LaBranche


Good Faith Negotiations – Does Such a Duty Exist?
BD&P Energy Newsletter - March 2012
Jacob Hoeppner and Brittney LaBranche


An Eye on the US: Patenting Heredity
BD&P IP & Technology Newsletter - February 2012
Brittney LaBranche