Capital Markets



Securities tribunal uses public interest jurisdiction to prevent Group Mach’s offer for Transat A.T. from getting off the ground
Securities Bulletin
by Jacob Hoeppner and Braeden Pivnick


Proposed amendments to the Canadian Securities Administrator’s BAR requirements
Securities Bulletin
by Katy Josephs (Student-at-Law)


New CBCA diversity disclosure requirements are coming into force January 2020
Securities Bulletin
by Ben Otto


Recent case an important reminder for investors about what the Alberta Securities Commission considers a security
Securities Bulletin
by Riley O'Brien and Katy Josephs (Student-at-Law)


The CSA issues new guidance in disclosing material climate change-related risks
Securities Bulletin
by Jeff Holloway and Nicole Broeke (Summer Research Student)


Proposed amendments to the rules regarding ATM distributions of equity securities in Canada seek to reduce regulatory burden on issuers
Securities Bulletin
by Maria Rooney, Student-at-Law


A view from Alberta on the Supreme Court’s Decision to allow a National Securities Regulator
Securities Bulletin - January 2019
by Robert Martz and Braeden Pivnick (Student-at-Law)


The CSA Confirms that Utility Token Distributions May Not Escape the Reach of Securities Regulations
BD&P Securities Bulletin - June 2018
Brendan Downey, Student-at-Law, Joanne Luu and Sylvie Welsh


Canadian Securities Authorities to Advance Initiatives to Reduce the Regulatory Burden on Public Companies
BD&P Securities Bulletin - April 2018


Insider Trading and Tipping – the Finkelstein Decision
BD&P Securities Bulletin - March 2018
Emily McDermott


Alberta’s Cannabis Retail Regulations and City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw Update
BD&P Client Bulletin - February 2018
Daryl Fridhandler, Q.C. and Emily McDermott


Institutional Shareholder Services and Glass, Lewis & Co. Voting Policy Updates on Gender Diversity and Overboarded Directors
BD&P Client Bulletin - December 2017


Update on Cannabis Legalization: Recent Guidance from the Alberta Government, Toronto Stock Exchange and Canadian Securities Regulators
BD&P Client Bulletin - November 2017
Emily McDermott and Riley O'Brien


Staff Notice Provides Guidance to Boards and Special Committees Regarding Related Party Transactions
BD&P Securities Newsletter - October 2017
Emily McDermott


Evolving Law: An Update on the Regulation of ICOs and Cryptocurrencies
Securities Newsletter - October 2017
Joanne Luu and Sylvie Welsh


A Brave New World: Regulation of Initial Coin Offerings
BD&P Client Bulletin - August 2017
Joanne Luu and Sylvie Welsh


Blackout Periods – Unintended Consequences?
BD&P Joint Bulletin with LaneCaputo Compensations Inc. and Solium - December 2016
Jay Reid, Michael Caputo and David Branco


Proposed Prospectus Exemption for Start-up Businesses
BD&P Client Bulletin - June 2016
Jack Schroder


Proposed Amendments to TSX Disclosure Requirements Related to Issuer Websites and Security Based Compensation Arrangements
BD&P Client Bulletin - May 2016
Jessica Brown and Nigel Behrens


Prospectus Exemptions for Retail Investors and Existing Security Holders: Alberta Securities Commission Rule 45-516
BD&P Securities Newsletter - April 2016
Jessica Brown and Jack Schroder


Amendments to the Early Warning System: Multilateral Instrument 62-104, National Instrument 62-103 and National Policy 62-203
BD&P Securities Newsletter - April 2016
Shanlee von Vegesack


Amendments to the Offering Memorandum Exemption: National Instrument 45-106
BD&P Securities Newsletter - April 2016
Shanlee von Vegesack


National Instrument 51-101: Amendments to Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities
BD&P Securities Newsletter - May 2015
Ted Brown and Lindsay Cox


National Instrument 45-106: Amendments to the Private Placement Exemptions
BD&P Securities Newsletter - May 2015
Jessica Brown and Paul Mereau