Carolyn A. Wright



AER refuses commercial allocation of regulatory liability for statutory non-conformance
Energy Bulletin
By Carolyn Wright, Evan W. Dixon, Tasha Wood and Brendan Downey


Update on the Federal Government’s LEEFF program to support large enterprises
Energy Bulletin
By Carolyn Wright, Robyn Finley and Yang Guo (Student-at-Law)


Government of Alberta announces temporary changes for the energy industry in response to COVID-19
Energy Bulletin
By Carolyn Wright, Evan W. Dixon and Mike Henry (Student-at-Law)


Supreme Court of Canada overturns Alberta Court of Appeal in Orphan Well Association v Grant Thornton Ltd.
BD&P Energy Bulletin
by the BD&P Energy Group


Alberta crude oil curtailment: a Q&A. What operators need to know about the amendments to the curtailment rules
Energy Bulletin - January 2019
By Brendan Downey with the assistance of the Energy Group


Government of Alberta Takes Action to Address Unprecedented Price Differential
Energy Bulletin - December 2018
by Alicia Quesnel, Carolyn A. Wright, Evan W. Dixon, Brittney LaBranche, and Brendan Downey


AER Bulletin 2016-16: A Chilling Announcement on the First Day of Summer
BD&P Client Bulletin
Carolyn Wright


Spyglass Resources: A Glimmer of Hope for the Sale of Assets of an Insolvent Company
BD&P Client Bulletin - Feb. 4, 2016
Carolyn A. Wright, Evan W. Dixon and Carole J. Hunter


Somebody to Lien On: Builders’ Lien Basics in the Energy Sector
BD&P Energy Newsletter - October 2015
Carolyn Wright and Jon Ozirny


The Inactive Well Compliance Program
BD&P Energy Newsletter - April 2015
Hazel Saffery and Carolyn Wright


The Inactive Well Compliance Program
Energy Client Bulletin - February 2015
Carolyn Wright and Hazel Saffery


Is It Permissible to Backdate the Effective Date of a Contract?
BD&P Energy Newsletter - April 2014
Carolyn A. Wright and Jocelyn Fink


Exploring the Balance of Power in the Operator/Non-Operator Relationship Under the CAPL Operating Procedure
Alberta Law Review: Petroleum Law Edition, Volume 48, Issue 2
Doug Mills, Carolyn Wright and Julie Inch