Commercial & General Litigation



No Free Beer – R. v. Comeau and its Effects on Inter-Provincial Trade
BD&P Litigation Bulletin - April 2018
Robert Martz and Paul Chiswell


The Court of Appeal Brings Clarity to Summary Judgment Applications
BD&P Litigation Bulletin
Craig Alcock and Sydney Black


Alberta Court of Appeal Opens the Door in Yangarra v Precision Drilling: Exclusion Clauses May not Bar Liability for Reckless Misrepresentation
BD&P Energy Newsletter - December 2017
Paul Beke, Trevor McDonald and Deirdre Fleming, Student-at-Law


Supreme Court of Canada Sets Limit on Duty to Consult and Religious Freedom in Ktunaxa v B.C.
BD&P Energy Newsletter - December 2017
Paul Beke and Ashton Butler, Student-at-Law


A Closer Look at Contractual “No-variation” Clauses
BD&P Energy Newsletter - December 2017
Marika Strobl


Supreme Court of Canada Affirms Test for Personal Liability of a Director for Oppressive Conduct
BD&P Securities Newsletter - October 2017
Payton Holliss, Student-at-Law


BC’s Civil Resolution Tribunal: A Case for Expanding Online Dispute Resolution in Canada
Case Comment in Saskatchewan Law Review - May 2017
Ashton Butler


Transactional Common Interest Privilege: Can you Safely Share Privileged Documents with a Transacting Party?
BD&P Commercial Transactions Newsletter - April 2017
Julia Lisztwan


Ordinary Meaning of Language in Standard Form Contracts Trumps Interpretation Based on Industry Knowledge
BD&P Client Bulletin - February 2017
Paul Beke and Emily McDermott


The Supreme Court of Canada Speaks to Rectification in ​Fairmont Hotels
BD&P Client Bulletin - December 2016
Paul Beke and Darian Khan


Case Comment on Gault Estate vs Gault Estate, 2016 ABCA 208
Take Five Onpoint Legal Reseach, Alberta Edition, July 2016
Dan McDonald, Q.C. and Joanne Luu


Unjust Enrichment: Do Subcontractors Have Common Law Remedies Against Owners?
BD&P Construction Newsletter - July 2016
by David de Groot, Jordan Otrhalek and Larissa Roche


Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance: Will the Policy Pay Out?
BD&P Commercial Transactions Insurance - July 2016
by Brianna Guenther and Heather Maxted, Summer Research Student


Garnishees: What Employers Need to Know
BD&P Employment & Labour Newsletter - December 2015
Rachel West and Simina Ionescu-Mocanu


Director & Officer Liability: Exposure When Times Get Tough
BD&P Employment & Labour Newsletter
Rachel West and Carole Hunter


Legal Lessons: Manage Your Records to Reduce Your Risk
Oilsands Review - January 2015
Shannon Hayes and Kim Nusbaum


Some Common Problems in Expert Determination (and How to Avoid Them)
2014 Canadian Arbitration and Mediation Journal, Volume 23:2
Michael J. Donaldson and Paul G. Chiswell


Liar Liar – Supreme Court of Canada Creates Duty to Be Honest in Contract Performance
BD&P Client Bulletin - November 2014
Daniella Murynka


Can a Search Engine Be Held Liable for Defamation?
BD&P IP & Technology Newsletter - June 2014


When the Train Leaves the Tracks: Protecting Yourself Against Liability for a Spill
BD&P Energy Newsletter - April 2014
David A. de Groot


When the Train Leaves the Track: Protecting Yourself Against Liability for a Spill
Oilsands Review - February 2014
David de Groot


Conditions Precedent – An Automatic Out?
BD&P Commercial Real Estate Newsletter - December 2013
John Peters and Mark McGinley


Conditions Precedent: Court of Appeal Provides More Clarity
BD&P Commercial Real Estate Newsletter - December 2013
Trevor McDonald


Exclusion Clauses post-Tercon
Annual Review of Civil Litigation 2013, The Honourable Justices Todd L. Archibald and Randall Scott Echlin, eds. (Carswell, 2013)
Sonya Morgan