Energy Litigation



Vesting off interests in land: the latest Dianor decision
ABlawg: The University of Calgary Faculty of Law Blog, Energy Bulletin
by Ashley Weldon and Tasha Wood


Bankruptcy is not a licence to ignore rules: Redwater, insolvency, and Alberta’s uncertain regulatory future
Energy Newsletter - May 2019
by Natasha Wood and Brendan Downey


The Court clarifies the “unassailable” standard for Summary Judgment in O’Chiese Energy Limited Partnership v Bellatrix Exploration Ltd.
BD&P Litigation Bulletin, February 2019
by Kylan Kidd and Seamus White (Student at Law)


Interpreting ROFR Exception Clause 902(d) in the PJVA Model Agreement: Canlin Resources Partnership v Husky Oil Operations Ltd.
BD&P Energy Bulletin - March 2018
Julie Taylor and Brendan Downey


A Closer Look at Contractual “No-variation” Clauses
BD&P Energy Newsletter - December 2017
Marika Strobl


Alberta Court of Appeal Opens the Door in Yangarra v Precision Drilling: Exclusion Clauses May not Bar Liability for Reckless Misrepresentation
BD&P Energy Newsletter - December 2017
Paul Beke, Trevor McDonald and Deirdre Fleming, Student-at-Law


Limiting Deemed Production: How Long Can a Shut-in Well Sustain a Valid Lease?
BD&P Energy Newsletter - December 2017
Deirdre Fleming, Student-at-Law


Supreme Court of Canada Sets Limit on Duty to Consult and Religious Freedom in Ktunaxa v B.C.
BD&P Energy Newsletter - December 2017
Paul Beke and Ashton Butler, Student-at-Law


The Oil and Gas ROFR: Understanding Current ROFR Issues from the Point of View of the Transactional Lawyer, the Litigator and In-House Counsel
2017 Alberta Law Review, Volume 55, Issue 2
Don MacDairmid, Sean Korney, Melanie Teetaert, Julie Taylor, Robert Martz and Randon Slaney


Supreme Court of Canada Affirms Test for Personal Liability of a Director for Oppressive Conduct
BD&P Securities Newsletter - October 2017
Payton Holliss, Student-at-Law


NEB’s Mixed Success in Meeting Duty to Consult with Indigenous Peoples: SCC’s Chippewas & Clyde River Cases
BD&P Client Bulletin - August 2017
Evan W. Dixon, Paul Beke, & Katy Josephs (summer research student)


Transactional Common Interest Privilege: Can you Safely Share Privileged Documents with a Transacting Party?
BD&P Commercial Transactions Newsletter - April 2017
Julia Lisztwan


SCC Denies Ernst a Claim for Damages Against the Alberta Energy Regulator
BD&P Energy Newsletter - March 2017
Paul Beke and James Delaney


Director & Officer Liability
BD&P Director & Officer Liability Newsletter - January 2017
Brandon Holden, Gina Ross, Carole Hunter, Evan Dixon, Hazel Saffery, Jack Schroder, Craig Alcock, Kelsey Clark, Kyle Isherwood and Paul Beke


Survival vs Limitation Periods
BD&P Energy Newsletter - November 2016
Cassandra Calder


Whole/Entire Agreement Clause
BD&P Energy Newsletter - November 2016
Brendan Sawatsky


Extending the Limitation Period for Environmental Claims
BD&P Energy Newsletter - November 2016
Brendan Sawatsky


The Court Interprets Affilate Exemptions in a Right of First Refusal
BD&P Energy Newsletter - November 2016
Ashley Weldon


Can Corporate Directors Resign Whenever They Want? Guidance for Directors Resigning from the Board of a Troubled Company
BD&P Energy Newsletter - July 2015
Marika Strobl and Daniella Murynka


Transocean Drilling: A Unique Look at Consequential Losses
BD&P Energy Newsletter - July 2015
Alicia Quesnel and Amy Yeung


Some Common Problems in Expert Determination (and How to Avoid Them)
2014 Canadian Arbitration and Mediation Journal, Volume 23:2
Michael J. Donaldson and Paul G. Chiswell


Rights of First Refusal & the Package Deal
BD&P Energy Newsletter - October2014
Melanie Teetaert


When the Train Leaves the Tracks: Protecting Yourself Against Liability for a Spill
BD&P Energy Newsletter - April 2014
David A. de Groot


When the Train Leaves the Track: Protecting Yourself Against Liability for a Spill
Oilsands Review - February 2014
David de Groot