Representative Work

SemCAMS Long-Term Arrangement for Sour Gas Production

Counsel to SemCAMS in respect to its 2018 long-term agreement with the Canadian subsidiary of a large international oil and gas company to process sour gas production at its Wapiti Gas Plant. Key to this mandate was the execution of 10 year long-term take-or pay commitments for the NW Wapiti Pipeline, the Wapiti Gas Plant, the Wapiti Pipeline and the Simonette Pipeline.

NuVista Energy Ltd. Acquisition of Pipestone Business of Cenovus Energy Inc.

Counsel to NuVista Energy Ltd. in its 2018 $625 million acquisition of the Cenovus Pipestone Partnership, which holds assets in the Pipestone area of Northwest Alberta, from Cenovus Energy Inc.

Raging River Acquisition by Baytex Energy Corporation

Counsel to Raging River Exploration Inc., a Canadian oil producer, in the 2018 $2.8 billion strategic acquisition by Baytex Energy Corporation

Progress Energy Canada Ltd. Divestiture in Alberta Deep Basin

Counsel to Progress Energy Canada Ltd in the 2018 divestiture of oil and natural gas assets in Alberta's deep basin.

MEG Energy Corp. $1.5 Billion Disposition

Counsel to MEG Energy Corp. in the 2018 $1.5 billion disposition of a 50% interest in Access Pipeline and 100% interest in Stonefell Terminal to Wolf Midstream Inc.

E&P Company

Advising an E&P company in 2018 on various power and petrochemical opportunities for commercialization of natural gas

Power Developer

Advising a power developer in 2018 on the development of a wind power project and on the bid in Alberta's Renewable Electricity Program

Swala Oil & Gas (Tanzania) plc Acquisition of a Stake in Orca Exploration Group Inc.’s Subsidiary

Counsel to Orca Exploration Group Inc. in Swala Oil & Gas (Tanzania) plc's 2018 acquisition of a stake in Orca Exploration Group Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary PAE PanAfrican Energy Corporation (part one of three parts up to US$130 million) and related shareholders' agreements

Private Equity

Advising a private equity firm on the Canadian aspects of the acquisition of an interest in a Helium producer

E&P Company

Advising an E&P Company in 2017 on the potential long term sale of propane to a Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH)/Polypropylene (PP) project

International Petroleum Corporation Acquisition of Oil & Natural Gas Assets from Cenovus Energy Inc.

Counsel to International Petroleum Corporation in the 2018  acquisition of oil & natural gas assets in Suffield and Alderson areas of southern Alberta from Cenovus Energy Inc. for proceeds of $512 million plus an additional deferred contingent amount of $36 million.

RMP Energy Inc. Disposition to Tangle Creek Energy Ltd.

Counsel to RMP Energy Inc. (now Ironbridge Resources Inc.) in the 2017 purchase and sale agreement with Tangle Creek Energy Ltd. pursuant to which Tangle Creek acquired all of RMP’s crude oil and natural gas interests in the Waskahigan/Grizzly, Kaybob, Gilby, Pine Creek areas of West Central Alberta in addition to other minor Alberta properties for approximately $80 million.

Whitecap Resources Inc. $940 Million Acquisition

Counsel to Whitecap Resources the 2017 $940 million strategic acquisition of light oil assets in southeast Saskatchewan.

Marathon Oil Corporation Sale of Marathon Oil Canada Corporation to CNRL

Counsel to Marathon Oil Corporation in the 2017 US$2.5 billion sale of Marathon Oil Canada Corporation to Canadian Natural Resources Limited and Shell Canada Energy.

Cardinal Energy Ltd. $300 Million Acquisition

Counsel to Cardinal Energy Ltd. in the 2017 $300 million acquisition of light oil assets in the Weyburn/Midale area of southeast Saskatchewan and House Mountain area of Alberta.

Canadian Natural Resources $1.8 Billion Note Offering

Counsel to the Dealers in the 2017 $1.8 billion public offering of medium term notes by Canadian Natural Resources Limited

PrairieSky Royalty Ltd. $250 Million Acquisition of Royalty Rights

Counsel to PrairieSky Royalty Ltd. in the 2017 $250 million acquisition of a 4% gross overriding royalty on current and future phases of Lindbergh SAGD thermal oil project from Pengrowth Energy Corporation

Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd. Acquisition of Spur Resources Ltd.

Counsel to Spur Resources Ltd. in the 2017 $407.5 million acquisition by Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd.

Madalena Energy Inc. Disposition to Pan American Energy LLC

Counsel to Madalena Energy Inc. in the 2017 partial sale and financing of its Argentine shale properties to Pan American Energy LLC.

Tourmaline Oil Corp. $1.369 Billion Acquisition from Shell Canada Energy

Counsel to Tourmaline Oil Corp. in the 2016 $1.369 billion acquisition of strategic assets located in the Alberta Deep Basin and the North East British Columbia Gundy area from Shell Canada Energy.

ARC Resources Ltd. Disposition of Light Oil Assets to Spartan Energy Corp.

Counsel to ARC Resources Ltd. in the 2016 $700 million disposition of strategic light oil assets in southeast Saskatchewan to Spartan Energy Corp. 

Midstream Sale

Counsel to seller in a 2016 proposed billion dollar plus disposition of pipeline and midstream facilities.

Savannah Petroleum PLC Acquisitions in Africa and Central America

Counsel to Savannah Petroleum in 2016 in respect of proposed and completed acquisitions and joint ventures in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa and Central Asia.

RMP Energy Inc. Disposition of Assets

Counsel to RMP Energy Inc. in the 2016 $114 million disposition of crude oil and natural gas interests in the Ante Creek area of west central Alberta.