BD&P World Stage – Cirque Flip Fabrique: Blizzard


Where: Arts Commons - Jack Singer Concert Hall

For a crazy and poetic adventure set in the depths of winter, Blizzard delivers a surprisingly warm experience. Cirque Flip Fabrique was founded by a group of friends in Quebec at the peak of their circus game, and that friendship shows in every facet of the show. Using high flying acrobatics, a gorgeous snowy set, and a sprinkling of humour, this tight-knight group must survive a winter storm using their unique skills and specialities.

Get ready for an enthusiastic display of acrobatics, juggling, aerial hoops, trampoline trickery, and original music. Fun for all ages, Flip has performed more than 500 times across the globe, including special events in partnerships with Les 7 Doigts de la Main and Cirque du Soleil. Since its debut, Blizzard has taken the stage by storm!

"Flip Fabrique projects an irrepressible spirit of fun and, yes, it’s catching." - New York Times review for Catch Me

By Invitation only.