BD&P World Stage – La Santa Cecilia


Where: Arts Commons - Jack Singer Concert Hall

Named after the patron saint of music, La Santa Cecilia’s bold musical direction more than earns the moniker. A modern-day hybrid of Latin culture, rock, and world music, the band draws inspiration from all over the world, including jazz, tango, bossa-nova, and klezmer music. Based out of Los Angeles, they have become the voice of America’s young, bi-cultural generation.

Leaning into their Latin American and Mexican heritage, the group won a Grammy for Best Latin Rock album in 2014 and have earned nominations for their last two albums. With songs focusing on love, loss, and heartbreak, they’ve cut tracks in a mixture of English and Spanish.

La Santa Cecilia is now so completely in command of its music, instruments and voices that these performances are flawless.” - NPR

By Invitation only.