Janna Young



Open for Business Act: Changes to Alberta’s Employment Standards Code, Employment Standards Regulation and Labour Relations Code
Employment Bulletin - June 2019
By Janna Young, Ashton Butler and Alanna Wiercinski (Summer Student)


Best practices for employers accommodating transgender workers
Employment Bulletin - June 2019
by Janna Young and Ashton Butler


​Overhaul of the Canada Labour Code and the implications for federally-regulated employers
Employment Bulletin - April 2019
By Janna Young and Ashton Butler


Have employer obligations changed following the recent amendments to the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Act?
Employment Bulletin - February 2019
by Janna Young and Ashton Butler


Random drug testing in the workplace – what does the Suncor case mean for other employers?
BD&P Employment Bulletin
by Ashton Butler and Janna Young