Joanne Luu



The CSA Confirms that Utility Token Distributions May Not Escape the Reach of Securities Regulations
BD&P Securities Bulletin - June 2018
Brendan Downey, Student-at-Law, Joanne Luu and Sylvie Welsh


Evolving Law: An Update on the Regulation of ICOs and Cryptocurrencies
Securities Newsletter - October 2017
Joanne Luu and Sylvie Welsh


A Brave New World: Regulation of Initial Coin Offerings
BD&P Client Bulletin - August 2017
Joanne Luu and Sylvie Welsh


Alberta Securities Commission weighs in on the use of soliciting dealer fees in proxy contests
BD&P Client Bulletin - July 2017


Case Comment on Gault Estate vs Gault Estate, 2016 ABCA 208
Take Five Onpoint Legal Reseach, Alberta Edition, July 2016
Dan McDonald, Q.C. and Joanne Luu


Provisional Remedies and Interim Relief in Oil & Gas Arbitrations
Chapter in The Leading Practitioners' Guide to International Oil & Gas Arbitration, (New York: Juris, 2015)
David Haigh, Q.C. and Joanne Luu


The Canadian Chapter on International Arbitration
Arbitration World, 5th ed., London, U.K.: Sweet & Maxwell, 2015
David Haigh, Louise Novinger Grant, Romeo Rojas, Paul Beke, Valerie Quintal, Joanne Luu


Arbitrating International Energy Disputes
BD&P Energy Newsletter - April 2014
Romeo A. Rojas and Joanne Luu


The Use of Circumstantial Evidence in Enforcement Cases before Securities Commissions: Two Perspectives
Presented at the Advocates' Society's Third Annual Securities Symposium
Andrew Sunter, Joanne Luu and Andrew Wilson


Is There a Duty to Consult Aboriginal Peoples in Foreign Takeover Bids?
BD&P Energy Newsletter - January 2013
Joanne Luu