Kyle Isherwood



Changes to the Employment Standards Regulations and Further Amendments to the Employment Standards Code
BD&P Client Bulletin - December 2017
by Gina Ross and Kyle Isherwood


Employment and Independent Contractor Relationships: A Primer
BD&P Start-Ups and Early-Stage Companies Newsletter - June 2017
Wendy Zhu and Kyle Isherwood


Bill 17 – The Alberta Government’s Proposed Changes to the Employment Standards Code and the Labour Relations Code
BD&P Client Bulletin - May 2017
Wendy Zhu and Kyle Isherwood


Director & Officer Liability
BD&P Director & Officer Liability Newsletter - January 2017
Brandon Holden, Gina Ross, Carole Hunter, Evan Dixon, Hazel Saffery, Jack Schroder, Craig Alcock, Kelsey Clark, Kyle Isherwood and Paul Beke


Are You Ready for ESTMA?
BD&P Securities Newsletter - November 2016
Kelsey Clark and Kyle Isherwood


Can a Lien Bond Satisfy a General Contractor’s Trust Obligations?
BD&P Construction Newsletter - March 2016
David de Groot and Kyle Isherwood


Are Bonuses Really Just Bonuses? A Look at Whether Bonuses Are Payable Post-Termination
BD&P Employment & Labour Newsletter - December 2015
Tina Lee and Kyle Isherwood