Mergers & Acquisitions



2018 Federal Budget Briefing – Measures Affecting Business
BD&P Client Bulletin - March 2018
Darian Khan


Surging Discounts for Canadian Oil Reignite Talk of the Bitumen Bubble
Financier Worldwide, February 2018
Fraser Wayne


Investment Canada Act Net Benefit Review: Recent Changes
BD&P Energy Newsletter - December 2017
Alicia Quesnel and Brittney LaBranche


Institutional Shareholder Services and Glass, Lewis & Co. Voting Policy Updates on Gender Diversity and Overboarded Directors
BD&P Client Bulletin - December 2017


A New Minimum Standard for Plans of Arrangement: InterOil and Exxon’s New Plan of Arrangement Approved by Yukon Court
BD&P Securities Newsletter - October 2017
Jack Schroder and Brittany Scott


Supreme Court of Canada Affirms Test for Personal Liability of a Director for Oppressive Conduct
BD&P Securities Newsletter - October 2017
Payton Holliss, Student-at-Law


Moving the Goalposts for Alberta’s Oil & Gas Industry
World Financier - July 2017
Jody Wivcharuk and Lauren Mills Taylor


Transactional Common Interest Privilege: Can you Safely Share Privileged Documents with a Transacting Party?
BD&P Commercial Transactions Newsletter - April 2017
Julia Lisztwan


Canadian Oil Sands Industry: Watch This Space
Financier Worldwide, May 2017
Alicia Quesnel and Fraser Wayne


Renegotiation of NAFTA: A Look at the Process
BD&P Commercial Transactions Newsletter- April 2017
Brianna Guenther and Brittany Scott


Federal Budget Highlights 2017
BD&P Client Bulletin - March 2017
John A. MacDonald and Darian Khan


Challenging Times for the Competitiveness of Canada’s Oil & Gas Industry: The “Green Energy” Imperative
Financier Worldwide, February 2017
by Alicia Quesnel, Evan Dixon and Brittany Scott


Director & Officer Liability
BD&P Director & Officer Liability Newsletter - January 2017
Brandon Holden, Gina Ross, Carole Hunter, Evan Dixon, Hazel Saffery, Jack Schroder, Craig Alcock, Kelsey Clark, Kyle Isherwood and Paul Beke


The New National Security Guidelines – Investments that Pose a National Security Risk
BD&P Client Bulletin - December 2016
Alicia Quesnel


Blackout Periods – Unintended Consequences?
BD&P Joint Bulletin with LaneCaputo Compensations Inc. and Solium - December 2016
Jay Reid, Michael Caputo and David Branco


Increased Scrutiny on Board Process in Arrangements
BD&P Securities Newsletter - November 2016
Jack Schroder


Are You Ready for ESTMA?
BD&P Securities Newsletter - November 2016
Kelsey Clark and Kyle Isherwood


Proposed Amendments to the Canada Business Corporations Act and Other Federal Statutes
BD&P Securities Newsletter - November 2016
Ted Brown and Jack Schroder


Risks and Challenges Facing Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry: Price Volatility and the Certainty of Uncertainty
Financier Worldwide, November 2016
Alicia Quesnel


AER Bulletin 2016-16: A Chilling Announcement on the First Day of Summer
BD&P Client Bulletin
Carolyn Wright


Alberta Holds Its Breath – Regulatory and Insolvency Laws Clash in Re Redwater Energy Corporation
BD&P Client Bulletin - May 2016
Carole Hunter and Randon Slaney


Purchaser’s Knowledge of Inaccurate Vendor Representations & Sandbagging Tactics
BD&P Energy Newsletter - March 2016
by Randon Slaney


Amendments to Takeover Bid Regime
BD&P Client Bulletin, March 2016
Nigel Behrens


Spyglass Resources: A Glimmer of Hope for the Sale of Assets of an Insolvent Company
BD&P Client Bulletin - Feb. 4, 2016
Carolyn A. Wright, Evan W. Dixon and Carole J. Hunter