BD&P litigators successfully defeat claim for over $22 million in the Court of Appeal


Our litigation lawyers Craig Alcock and Sydney Black saw success in the Court of Appeal on November 21, 2018, when a majority of the Court upheld the complete summary dismissal of the Action in Geophysical Service Incorporated v Murphy Oil Company Ltd.

Geophysical Service Incorporated (GSI) sought over $22 million in damages from Murphy, alleging that they had misused confidential and copyrighted seismic data contrary to the terms of various license agreements between the parties. Murphy was successful at first instance, when the lower Court concluded that the Plaintiff's claims were without merit and out of time. The majority of the Court of Appeal agreed and dismissed GSI's claim in its entirety. 

Murphy was ably represented by BD&P at first instance and on appeal. The full decision can be found here: Geophysical Service Incorporated v Murphy Oil Company Ltd, 2018 ABCA 380