BD&P’s United Way Campaign, 2013


BD&P is pleased to announce it has concluded another successful United Way campaign, raising approximately $200,000 to date.  BD&P's involvement with the United Way began in the 1980s, and our lawyers and staff have participated in annual United Way campaign fund-raising activities ever since.  BD&P is proud to continue our support of this important Calgary community charity.

The week-long campaign was kicked off by speeches, both inspiring and heartwarming, from BD&P staff Amy Gramarcy and Casey McQueen, who shared their life-changing experiences of 3 month secondments to the United Way in 2010 and 2012, respectively.  This year's campaign, run by the amazing BD&P volunteers on the United Way Committee and articling students, featured old favourite fundraising activities, including a silent auction, 50-50 draws, lunches and gift basket draws, as well as some new activities, including a popular "wine survivor" game.  These campaign events generated over $9,000 in fundraising.

While 2013 has been a challenging year for many Calgarians who are still reeling from catastrophic flooding in June, BD&P is proud of its lawyers and staff who opened their hearts (and wallets) to give a little more.