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Government of Alberta Takes Action to Address Unprecedented Price Differential
Energy Bulletin - December 2018
by Alicia Quesnel, Carolyn A. Wright, Evan W. Dixon, Brittney LaBranche, and Brendan Downey


The Canadian Chapter on International Arbitration
Arbitration World, 6th ed, London, UK: Sweet & Maxwell, 2018
David Haigh, Louise Novinger Grant, Paul Beke and Joanne Luu


The 2018 Mini-Budget: Accelerated Write-offs for the Natural Resources Sector
BD&P Tax Bulletin - November 2018


Supreme Court of Canada finds no duty to consult with First Nations in the development of new legislation
BD&P General & Commercial Litigation Bulletin - October 2018
by Evan Dixon, Robert Martz and Brendan Downey


A Summary of Canadian Natural Resources Limited v. Wood Group Mustang (Canada) Inc., 2018
OnPoint Legal Research
by Jeffrey Sharpe, Andrew Sunter and Robert Martz


Rule against overcompensation in Pierringer settlements should be applied generously in favour of plaintiffs
BD&P Litigation Bulletin - September 2018
Paul Beke, Andrew Sunter and Robert Martz


Federal Court Quashes Approval of Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion
BD&P Client Bulletin - August 2018
Evan Dixon, Robert Martz and Seamus White, Student-at-Law


Taxation and Reporting of Cryptocurrencies
BD&P Tax Bulletin - July 2018
Brandon Holden


Peter Volk (Re), 2018 ONSEC 31 (Settlement Agreement)
BD&P Client Bulletin - June 2018
Nigel Behrens


The CSA Confirms that Utility Token Distributions May Not Escape the Reach of Securities Regulations
BD&P Securities Bulletin - June 2018
Brendan Downey, Student-at-Law, Joanne Luu and Sylvie Welsh


British Columbia Moves towards a Liability-Based Regulatory Regime for Oil and Gas to Address Orphan Sites
Randon Slaney and Eric Wiebe, Summer Research Student


Industry Update: AER Releases Draft Directives Targeting Methane Emission Reductions
BD&P Energy Bulletin - May 2018
Fraser Wayne


No Free Beer – R. v. Comeau and its Effects on Inter-Provincial Trade
BD&P Litigation Bulletin - April 2018
Robert Martz and Paul Chiswell


The Court of Appeal Brings Clarity to Summary Judgment Applications
BD&P Litigation Bulletin
Craig Alcock and Sydney Black


Occupational Health and Safety Act Changes—Will Your Organization Be Ready?
BD&P Occupational Health & Safety Bulletin - April 2018
Craig Alcock and James Murphy


Canadian Securities Authorities to Advance Initiatives to Reduce the Regulatory Burden on Public Companies
BD&P Securities Bulletin - April 2018


Interpreting ROFR Exception Clause 902(d) in the PJVA Model Agreement: Canlin Resources Partnership v Husky Oil Operations Ltd.
BD&P Energy Bulletin - March 2018
Julie Taylor and Brendan Downey


Insider Trading and Tipping – the Finkelstein Decision
BD&P Securities Bulletin - March 2018
Emily McDermott


2018 Federal Budget Briefing – Measures Affecting Business
BD&P Client Bulletin - March 2018
Darian Khan


Valard v Bird: General Contractors Should Notify Subcontractor Beneficiaries of Labour & Material Bonds
BD&P Client Bulletin - February 2018
David de Groot, Paul Beke and Roger Baker


Alberta’s Cannabis Retail Regulations and City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw Update
BD&P Client Bulletin - February 2018
Daryl Fridhandler, Q.C. and Emily McDermott


Overriding Royalties: Walter Energy, Dianor Resources and the Importance of Negotiating for an Interest in Land
The Negotiator - February 2018
Ashley Weldon and Tasha Wood


Surging Discounts for Canadian Oil Reignite Talk of the Bitumen Bubble
Financier Worldwide, February 2018
Fraser Wayne


Alberta’s Bill 30 Overhauls Workers’ Rights under Occupational Health and Safety and Workers Compensation Legislation
BD&P Client Bulletin - January 2018
Craig Alcock, Paul Beke and Deirdre Fleming, Student-at-Law