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Green Shoots – Release of the Government of Alberta’s Renewable Electricity Program
BD&P Client Bulletin - November 2016
Evan W. Dixon and Randon Slaney


Risks and Challenges Facing Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry: Price Volatility and the Certainty of Uncertainty
Financier Worldwide, November 2016
Alicia Quesnel


Chapter 55 – Canada
International Comparative Legal Guide to International Arbitration 2016, 13th Ed., Global Legal Group
Louise Novinger Grant and Valerie Quintal


Case Comment on Gault Estate vs Gault Estate, 2016 ABCA 208
Take Five Onpoint Legal Reseach, Alberta Edition, July 2016
Dan McDonald, Q.C. and Joanne Luu


Don’t Take Chances With Safety
BD&P Construction Newsletter - July 2016
By James Murphy and Alex Norris


Statutory Liens in Insolvency: Converging Principles
BD&P Construction Newsletter
by Randon Slaney


Pay-When-Paid Clauses: Tips and Trends
Bd&P Construction Newsletter - July 2016
by Kelly Hannan and Susan Fader


Unjust Enrichment: Do Subcontractors Have Common Law Remedies Against Owners?
BD&P Construction Newsletter - July 2016
by David de Groot, Jordan Otrhalek and Larissa Roche


Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance: Will the Policy Pay Out?
BD&P Commercial Transactions Insurance - July 2016
by Brianna Guenther and Heather Maxted, Summer Research Student


Re Sabine Oil & Gas Corp. – Bankruptcy and the Rejection of Pipeline Contracts
BD&P Commercial Transactions Newsletter - July 2016
by David Grout, Carole Hunter and Sheena Josan


Accidental Franchises: You May Be in a Franchise Relationship Without Realizing It
BD&P Commercial Transactions - July 2016
Adrian Etchell and Ashton Butler, Summer Research Student


Protecting Interests Through Operator’s Liens
The Negotiator - June 2016
Brendan Sawatsky


AER Bulletin 2016-16: A Chilling Announcement on the First Day of Summer
BD&P Client Bulletin
Carolyn Wright


A Brief Introduction to Unanimous Shareholders Agreements
BD&P Client Bulletin - June 2016
Shanlee von Vegesack


The Citizen Act, in Flux Again
BD&P Business Immigration Newsletter- June 2016
Rita Tripathy and Sydney Black


A Look at Channels for Immigrants Wanting to Start a Business
BD&P Business Immigration Newsletter - June 2016
Rita Tripathy and Riley O'Brien


Year Two – Canada’s Express Entry Program
Business Immigration Newsletter - June 2016
Rita Tripathy and Allie Laurent


From Study Permit to Permanent Residence: the Rocky Road for International Students Intending to Work in Canada
BD&P Business Immigration Newsletter - June 2016


Patent Due Diligence
BD&P Client Bulletin - June 2016
Charles Pigeon


Proposed Prospectus Exemption for Start-up Businesses
BD&P Client Bulletin - June 2016
Jack Schroder


Proposed Amendments to TSX Disclosure Requirements Related to Issuer Websites and Security Based Compensation Arrangements
BD&P Client Bulletin - May 2016
Jessica Brown and Nigel Behrens


Alberta Holds Its Breath – Regulatory and Insolvency Laws Clash in Re Redwater Energy Corporation
BD&P Client Bulletin - May 2016
Carole Hunter and Randon Slaney


An Update on Canada’s LNG Industry
Financier Worldwide, May 2016
by Alicia K. Quesnel and Evan W. Dixon


Red Water or Murky Water?
Negotiator - April 2016
by Carole Hunter and Hazel Saffery