Randon Slaney



British Columbia Moves towards a Liability-Based Regulatory Regime for Oil and Gas to Address Orphan Sites
Randon Slaney and Eric Wiebe, Summer Research Student


Redwater: The Saga to Continue in 2018
BD&P Energy Newsletter - December 2017
Tasha Wood and Randon Slaney


I’m Taking My Gas and Going Next Door: Restrictions on the Export of Natural Gas from Alberta
BD&P Energy Newsletter - December 2017
Randon Slaney and Brendan Downey, Student-at-Law


The Oil and Gas ROFR: Understanding Current ROFR Issues from the Point of View of the Transactional Lawyer, the Litigator and In-House Counsel
2017 Alberta Law Review, Volume 55, Issue 2
Don MacDairmid, Sean Korney, Melanie Teetaert, Julie Taylor, Robert Martz and Randon Slaney


Notable Energy Regulatory Developments, June 2017
BD&P Energy Newsletter - June 2017
Evan Dixon, Randon Slaney and Brittany Scott


Recent Regulatory & Legislative Developments of Interest to Energy Lawyers
Alberta Law Review 2016 Volume 54 No 2
Evan Dixon, Hazel Saffery and C. James Cummings


Green Shoots – Release of the Government of Alberta’s Renewable Electricity Program
BD&P Client Bulletin - November 2016
Evan W. Dixon and Randon Slaney


Statutory Liens in Insolvency: Converging Principles
BD&P Construction Newsletter
by Randon Slaney


Alberta Holds Its Breath – Regulatory and Insolvency Laws Clash in Re Redwater Energy Corporation
BD&P Client Bulletin - May 2016
Carole Hunter and Randon Slaney


Purchaser’s Knowledge of Inaccurate Vendor Representations & Sandbagging Tactics
BD&P Energy Newsletter - March 2016
by Randon Slaney


So That’s What That Means: Time is of the Essence
BD&P Energy Newsletter - February 2015
Randon Slaney