Restructuring & Insolvency



Restructuring companies or restructuring contracts: Lessons from Chandos Construction Ltd v Deloitte Restructuring Inc.
Construction Litigation Bulletin
By David A. de Groot and Yang Guo (Student-at-Law)


Restructuring options to encourage business viability in light of COVID-19
Restructuring and Insolvency Bulletin
By David LeGeyt, Heather DiGregorio, Ryan Algar and Katy Josephs (Student-at-Law)


Distress Preferred Shares are an option for borrowers to avoid insolvency or bankruptcy
Tax Bulletin
By Heather DiGregorio and the BD&P Tax Group


Let’s talk about royalties: the continued uncertainty surrounding the creation and legal status of the overriding royalty
Alberta Law Review, Volume 57, Issue 2
by David LeGeyt, Ashley Weldon, Natasha Wood and Brendan Downey


Bankruptcy is not a licence to ignore rules: Redwater, insolvency, and Alberta’s uncertain regulatory future
Energy Newsletter - May 2019
by Natasha Wood and Brendan Downey


Supreme Court of Canada overturns Alberta Court of Appeal in Orphan Well Association v Grant Thornton Ltd.
BD&P Energy Bulletin
by the BD&P Energy Group


Industry Trends: Energy Faces Off with Insolvency
BD&P Energy Newsletter - June 2017
Carole Hunter and Tasha Wood


When World’s Collide: Alberta’s Oil & Gas Industry Navigates the Insolvency Space
Financier Worldwide - June 2017
Carole Hunter and Tasha Wood


Pre-Pack Sale Option – Potential Investment Opportunity for Prospective Purchasers
BD&P Commercial Transactions Newsletter - April 2017
Larissa Roche


Director & Officer Liability in Environmental and other Oil & Gas Applications
The Negotiator - April 2017
Evan W. Dixon, Hazel Saffery and Carole Hunter


Re Sabine Oil & Gas Corp. – Bankruptcy and the Rejection of Pipeline Contracts
BD&P Commercial Transactions Newsletter - July 2016
by David Grout, Carole Hunter and Sheena Josan


Statutory Liens in Insolvency: Converging Principles
BD&P Construction Newsletter
by Randon Slaney


Alberta Holds Its Breath – Regulatory and Insolvency Laws Clash in Re Redwater Energy Corporation
BD&P Client Bulletin - May 2016
Carole Hunter and Randon Slaney


How Liability Exposure Goes Up for Directors & Officers in Tough Times
JWN Energy Oil & Gas News - April 2016
by Carole Hunter and Gina Ross


Spyglass Resources: A Glimmer of Hope for the Sale of Assets of an Insolvent Company
BD&P Client Bulletin - Feb. 4, 2016
Carolyn A. Wright, Evan W. Dixon and Carole J. Hunter


Guidance for the Non-Operator in the Face of an Operator’s Financial Difficulties
BD&P Energy Newsletter - April 2015
Sean Korney and Carole Hunter


The Power of Corporate Restructuring
Oilsands Review - March 2015
Carole Hunter


Director & Officer Liability: Exposure When Times Get Tough
BD&P Employment & Labour Newsletter
Rachel West and Carole Hunter


CCAA Court Has Wide Discretion to Revive a Terminated Agreement
BD&P Energy Newsletter - February 2015
Carole J. Hunter


When May Remedation Orders Be Compromised in a CCAA Restructuring?
BD&P Banking Newsletter - December 2013
Carole Hunter, Simina Ionescu-Mocanu and Cassandra Calder


Shareholder Lenders Beware: Lower Ranking Priority Following Bankruptcy
BD&P Banking Newsletter - June 2013
Jocelyn Turnbull


Cape Town Convention
BD&P Banking Newsletter - June 2013
Dino Deluca, Colby Dewart and Adrian Etchell


Credit Bidding: An Increasingly Popular Insolvency Strategy
BD&P Banking & Finance Newsletter - October 2011
Patricia Quinton-Campbell and Simina Ionescu-Mocanu


The Tax Man Is Defeated Once Again: SCC Confirms Crown’s Status as an “Ordinary Creditor” for Unremitted GST Amounts in CCAA Reorganizations
BD&P Insolvency & Restructuring Newsletter - May 2011
Simina Ionescu-Mocanu