Sean Korney



Alberta crude oil curtailment: a Q&A. What operators need to know about the amendments to the curtailment rules
Energy Bulletin - January 2019
By Brendan Downey with the assistance of the Energy Group


The Oil and Gas ROFR: Understanding Current ROFR Issues from the Point of View of the Transactional Lawyer, the Litigator and In-House Counsel
2017 Alberta Law Review, Volume 55, Issue 2
Don MacDairmid, Sean Korney, Melanie Teetaert, Julie Taylor, Robert Martz and Randon Slaney


A Half Measure – Commentary on the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act
BD&P Energy Newsletter - October 2015
Sean Korney


Guidance for the Non-Operator in the Face of an Operator’s Financial Difficulties
BD&P Energy Newsletter - April 2015
Sean Korney and Carole Hunter


Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be: Cautious Practices for Joint Venture Billing
BD&P Energy Newsletter - February 2015
Sean Korney and Jon Ozirny