About Us

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    Our History

    BD&P’s roots can be traced to the town of High River, just south of Calgary – well known as the set to the CBC television series Heartland and the town of Smallville in Superman III.  BD&P was originated by Alec A. Ballachey in 1905, expanded to include Frank L. Burnet in 1913, and continued to grow to the Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP that exists today.

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    Our Work

    BD&P is noted for attracting top-level transactional and litigation work from a broad spectrum of clients.  Our lawyers are recognized as some of the best in their fields.

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    Our Community Investment

    BD&P believes that a law firm's responsibility to the community extends far beyond the provision of legal services.  BD&P is proud of its commitment to the enhancement of life in its broader community through such sponsorships as Habitat for Humanity Calgary, the Calgary Homeless Foundation, the Calgary Inter-faith Food Bank, Vertigo Theatre and others.

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    Our Culture

    BD&P is known for the collegiality of its lawyers.  We like to think that we enjoy success as a result of our collective effort, a willingness to share our knowledge with each other. We also like to have fun together – whether it’s a running relay, a bike race or a Habitat for Humanity build site.

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    Our Leadership

    Whom do we, at BD&P, look to as a reference point – whether it be for the standard of excellence in the practice of law, the importance of collegiality and respect among our peers or the social conscience that commands participation in opportunities for the public good?  We look no further than the legacy left behind and the example set by one of BD&P’s founding partners, James S. Palmer.  

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    Our Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

    At BD&P, our goal is to have an inclusive culture where our people feel motivated to bring their best to our workplace and to our clients. We understand that diversity and inclusion results in better decision making, more innovative problem solving, and enhanced creativity. For more information on our approach to diversity and inclusion, click here.