Software Development, Licensing and Outsourcing

BD&P's Intellectual Property & Technology Team is experienced in all aspects of software development, licensing and outsourcing.

Some members of the Team have actual work experience in the computer industry, including software development, and this experience gives the Team valuable insight into the software and computer services business, which is then reflected in the advice the Team provides and the agreements that it drafts.

The Team has substantial experience and knowledge in the protection of software and its licensing and commercialization. As well, the Team frequently provides advice on the purchase of computer services and software development services.

In relation to outsourcing, the Team works closely with its clients during the entire lifecycle of their business process and information technology outsourcing, including the negotiation and drafting of outsourcing agreements. The advice provided includes service provider selection, transition periods, change management, benchmarking and risk mitigation.

The Team also has significant experience in assisting in the resolution of disputes in these areas as well as litigation if that becomes necessary.

Practitioners on BD&P's Technology Team are frequent lecturers and widely published in this area of the law. As well, they are active members in the Canadian Information Technology Law Association, the Canadian Information Processing Society, the Calgary Council for Advanced Technology and the Licensing Executives Society.

Significant Areas of Service

  • Business process outsourcing
  • Information technology outsourcing
  • Computer services agreements
  • Software development agreements
  • Software licence agreements
  • Software maintenance agreements
  • Software distribution agreements
  • End user licences