Experience Your Future: The BD&P Summer & Articling Programs

BD&P has a long tradition of working with the country's most promising law students. We understand the desire concerning your professional future and that your choice of firm for the important first stepping stone in the summer student or articling student program is not an easy one. At BD&P, we are committed to providing our students with the maximum amount of support while at the same time, encouraging independence and creativity. Over the years, BD&P's unique professional environment has greatly facilitated the professional growth of many lawyers and students, enabling them to enjoy the practice of law, while respecting and encouraging personal time and community involvement. We believe it can be difficult to acquire a comprehensive feel for BD&P without speaking directly to our lawyers and students and we encourage you to do so. Or come meet with us and gain a first-hand sense of BD&P's lawyers and working environment. Detailed information about our student programs can be found in our Student Brochure.

Please note that we do not typically participate in articling recruit. We have filled or expect to fill our articling positions.

BD&P's 2020 Summer Student Positions

We will soon be recruiting for second year summer students and you can find out how to apply here.

BD&P's 2018-2019 Articling Students

Stella Chukwurah, Robert Gordon University, [email protected]

Harrison Clark, University of Saskatchewan, [email protected]

Robyn Finley, University of Victoria, [email protected]

Austin Fruson, University of Calgary, [email protected]

Richard Gardner, University of Calgary, [email protected]

Heather Maxted, University of Manitoba, [email protected]

Ben Otto, University of Alberta, [email protected]

Braeden Pivnick, University of Saskatchewan, [email protected]

Maria Rooney, Queen's University, [email protected]

Seamus White, University of British Columbia, [email protected]

Eric Wiebe, McGill University, [email protected]

Non-Law Student Applications

Please note that our summer and articling program is intended for students currently enrolled in law school. If you are not (or not yet) in law school but are interested in an administrative position, please see the current job openings section on our Careers page or contact our Human Resources Manager at [email protected]

Visit your future office

Summer and articling students get the best of both worlds here: a firm with a century of heritage and more than 140 forward-thinking lawyers to assist with your learning. Above and beyond academic ability, we're looking for a fit with our culture. There is little focus on hierarchy; at BD&P, success is about the team.