Nicholas Siennicki Crop

Nicholas Siennicki

Summer student

University of Alberta, Juris Doctor, 2023

University of Alberta, Bachelor of Arts in Classical Languages and English, 2019


Nicholas double majored in English and Latin at the University of Alberta, where he is presently completing his J.D.

In law school, Nicholas was the co-director for Law Band and serves as an executive for both the Digital Law and Innovation Society and the Francophone Law Student’s Association. Nicholas’ favourite moment at Law School was completing a research project in legal philosophy with one of his professors.

Nicholas is Polish-Canadian and split his youth between the two countries. Outside of law, Nicholas is a consummate consumer of art and artistry. He loves reading, researching and engaging with experts and craftsman in any field—be it ballerinas, cobblers, or candlestick makers. Nicholas enjoys writing fiction and spending time training his Australian Shepherd and Bengal with his wife.