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Distress Preferred Shares are an option for borrowers to avoid insolvency or bankruptcy
Tax Bulletin
By Heather DiGregorio and the BD&P Tax Group


The new Government measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic: an FAQ for employers
Employment Bulletin
By Janna Young and James Jeffrey


Force majeure clauses might cover COVID-19 and partially excuse contractual duties
Litigation Bulletin
By Robert Martz, Andrew Sunter and Paul Beke


Supreme Court of Canada rules that Nevsun Resources might owe damages for alleged forced labour, opening the door to civil liability for breaches of international law
Litigation Bulletin
By Robert Martz and Paul Beke


Preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace: key considerations for Alberta employers
Employment Bulletin
By Janna Young and James Jeffrey


Bill C-69: Introducing the Canadian Energy Regulator and the Impact Assessment Agency
Energy Regulation Quarterly, January 2020
By Evan Dixon, Brittney LaBranche, Brendan Downey and Mike Chernos (Student-at-Law)


Supreme Court of Canada takes thirty minutes to unanimously reject British Columbia’s proposed regulation of Alberta heavy oil through the Trans Mountain Pipeline
Litigation Bulletin
By Paul Chiswell, Robert Martz and Brendan Downey


Overlapping arbitration and litigation: when can the court step in?
ADR Perspectives, ADR Institute of Canada
by Andrew Sunter and Susan Fader


Let’s talk about royalties: the continued uncertainty surrounding the creation and legal status of the overriding royalty
Alberta Law Review, Volume 52, Issue 2
by David LeGeyt, Ashley Weldon, Natasha Wood and Brendan Downey


Radically redefining roles: proposed Indigenous ownership of the Trans Mountain pipeline
Energy Newsletter - November 2019
By Robyn Finley


Summary judgment is increasingly unavailable for disputes involving oil and gas contracts
Energy Newsletter - November 2019
by Katy Josephs (Student-at-Law)


One step closer to expanding Trans Mountain pipeline: a case comment on Reference Re: Environmental Management Act (British Columbia), 2019 BCCA 181
Energy Newsletter - November 2019
By Ben Otto


Interpreting offset well clauses in light of horizontal drilling: an analysis of two new cases
Energy Newsletter - November 2019
By Leslie-Anne Bowyer and Katy Josephs (Students-at-Law)


Securities tribunal uses public interest jurisdiction to prevent Group Mach’s offer for Transat A.T. from getting off the ground
Securities Bulletin
by Jacob Hoeppner and Braeden Pivnick


Proposed amendments to the Canadian Securities Administrator’s BAR requirements
Securities Bulletin
by Katy Josephs (Student-at-Law)


New CBCA diversity disclosure requirements are coming into force January 2020
Securities Bulletin
by Ben Otto


Recent case an important reminder for investors about what the Alberta Securities Commission considers a security
Securities Bulletin
by Riley O'Brien and Katy Josephs (Student-at-Law)


The changing landscape of the Canadian oil and gas sector
Financier Worldwide, October 2019
by Alicia Quesnel


Bill C-69: Introducing the Canadian Energy Regulator and the Impact Assessment Agency
Energy Bulletin
By Brittney LaBranche, Brendan Downey and Mike Chernos (Student-at-Law)


Federal Court of Appeal grants leave in TMX appeal application: roadblock or roadmap?
Energy Bulletin
by Robert Martz and Brendan Downey


The CSA issues new guidance in disclosing material climate change-related risks
Securities Bulletin
by Jeff Holloway and Nicole Broeke (Summer Research Student)


Alberta Court of Appeal upholds ruling: City negligent in CTrain attack
CBC News
Trevor McDonald


Proposed amendments to the rules regarding ATM distributions of equity securities in Canada seek to reduce regulatory burden on issuers
Securities Bulletin
by Maria Rooney, Student-at-Law


Vesting off interests in land: the latest Dianor decision
ABlawg: The University of Calgary Faculty of Law Blog, Energy Bulletin
by Ashley Weldon and Tasha Wood