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Open for Business Act: Changes to Alberta’s Employment Standards Code, Employment Standards Regulation and Labour Relations Code
Employment Bulletin - June 2019
By Janna Young, Ashton Butler and Alanna Wiercinski (Summer Student)


Best practices for employers accommodating transgender workers
Employment Bulletin - June 2019
by Janna Young and Ashton Butler


Alberta Court of Appeal decision on liability has national implications
The Lawyer's Daily
Trevor McDonald


British Columbia implements mandatory shutdown timelines for dormant oil and gas sites
Energy Bulletin - June 2019
By Brendan Downey


Major changes to Canada’s Trademarks Act are coming into force on June 17, 2019 – are you and your business prepared?
Intellectual Property Bulletin
by John Sanche


Is it ever too late to sue for environmental contamination?
Energy Newsletter - May 2019
by Heather Maxted, Student-at-Law


Bankruptcy is not a licence to ignore rules: Redwater, insolvency, and Alberta’s uncertain regulatory future
Energy Newsletter - May 2019
by Natasha Wood and Brendan Downey


New merger review thresholds introduced for 2019: the Competition Act and Investment Canada Act
Energy Newsletter - May 2019
Brittney LaBranche


The times they are a-changing: submission amendments become statute-barred after three years instead of four
Energy Newsletter - May 2019
Robyn Finley, Student-at-Law


The 2019 Pad Site Sharing Agreement: an alternative model for defining commercial relationships between oil and gas producers
Energy Newsletter - May 2019
by Brendan Downey


Deans Knight wins precedent-setting “recap and restart” case
Tax Bulletin
by Heather DiGregorio


Intellectual property in cannabis: are your rights protected?
Intellectual Property Bulletin
By Ashton Butler and John Sanche


​Overhaul of the Canada Labour Code and the implications for federally-regulated employers
Employment Bulletin - April 2019
By Janna Young and Ashton Butler


Private federal corporations will need to keep record of shareholders with significant control as of June 2019
Client Bulletin - March 2019
By Andrew Sunter, Bronwyn Inkster and Paul Beke


Alberta Court of Appeal affirms balance of probabilities in new test for summary judgment
Litigation Bulletin - February 2019
By Julia Lisztwan, Michael Deyholos and Paul Beke


Have employer obligations changed following the recent amendments to the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Act?
Employment Bulletin - February 2019
by Janna Young and Ashton Butler


The Court clarifies the “unassailable” standard for Summary Judgment in O’Chiese Energy Limited Partnership v Bellatrix Exploration Ltd.
BD&P Litigation Bulletin, February 2019
by Kylan Kidd and Seamus White (Student at Law)


Supreme Court of Canada overturns Alberta Court of Appeal in Orphan Well Association v Grant Thornton Ltd.
BD&P Energy Bulletin
by the BD&P Energy Group


Random drug testing in the workplace – what does the Suncor case mean for other employers?
BD&P Employment Bulletin
by Ashton Butler and Janna Young


Alberta Appeal Judge finds that unfounded fears, however genuine, do not qualify as harm to Aboriginal Rights
Litigation Bulletin - January 2019
by Craig Alcock and Paul Beke


A view from Alberta on the Supreme Court’s Decision to allow a National Securities Regulator
Securities Bulletin - January 2019
by Robert Martz and Braeden Pivnick (Student-at-Law)


Alberta crude oil curtailment: a Q&A. What operators need to know about the amendments to the curtailment rules
Energy Bulletin - January 2019
By Brendan Downey with the assistance of the Energy Group


Kicking the Certification Can Down the Road: the Evolution of Judicial Discretion in Class Action Litigation – A Western Perspective
Class Action Defence Quarterly
Donald Chernichen, Andrew Sunter and Brendan Downey


Government of Alberta Takes Action to Address Unprecedented Price Differential
Energy Bulletin - December 2018
by Alicia Quesnel, Carolyn A. Wright, Evan W. Dixon, Brittney LaBranche, and Brendan Downey