Commercial Arbitration

Members of BD&P's Commercial Arbitration Team utilize their extensive experience and knowledge of arbitration practice and law to assist clients in resolving their disputes efficiently and cost effectively while reducing the risks associated with litigation.

This Team has in-depth industry knowledge with respect to commercial, construction, employment, insurance, intellectual property, oil & gas, power generation (including Power Purchase Agreements), offshore petroleum interests, pensions, real estate, securities and tax matters, which serves them well in a wide range of commercial arbitration disputes. 

Significant Areas of Service

  • Arbitration services pursuant to provincial and federal arbitration legislation and private arbitration agreements, as arbitrator or advocate
  • Negotiating and drafting arbitration agreements
  • Interpretation of arbitration provisions in contracts
  • Advising on dispute resolution regimes
  • Enforcing agreements to arbitrate
  • Advocacy throughout an arbitration
  • Court appearances in matters arising out of commercial arbitrations, including interim injunctions, stay of court proceedings, appointment of arbitrators and appeals from and enforcement of arbitral awards