Government Relations

The BD&P Government Relations Team has a lengthy history of leadership in government relations and has broad ranging experience in working with all levels of Canadian government including municipal, regional, provincial and federal.   We regularly advise individuals, businesses, associations and governments on public policy issues and assist businesses in effective and timely dealings with government.

Our Government Relations Team works closely with other lawyers in the firm, drawing on their depth of knowledge in such practice areas as commercial transactions, energy, international, intellectual property and technology, regulatory and tax in order to provide full government relations advocacy services.

The experience of this Team ranges from advice and analysis on new legislation, to identifying key contacts in the public service, to the assessment of complex public policy issues in a range of industries.

Significant Areas of Service

  • Monitor and advise on new legislation and legislative changes   
  • Monitor and advise on political and public policy developments
  • Analyze the potential impact of government policy and program changes   
  • Prepare briefs or submissions to governments
  • Communicate with government decision‑makers
  • Assist with access to information and lobbyist issues