Start-Up and Early-Stage Companies

BD&P's Start-Up and Early-Stage Companies Team understands the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs in starting new businesses and we are keen to assist you in meeting those challenges and evolving your ideas into a successful business opportunity.

We understand you wish to develop and grow ideas, seize opportunities, avoid risk and limit costs. We use our experience and understanding of how companies are formed, financed and grown to guide you through all the stages of development, combining our practical legal advice and our sound business judgement. We are experienced in delivering maximum effectiveness and efficiencies for entrepreneurial clients launching a new business venture.

This Team advises on all relevant issues including corporate and tax structuring, corporate finance, intellectual property, employee benefits and compensation, patents and innovation and corporate governance. Our interdisciplinary approach enables us to serve as strategic advisors through all stages of growth of an emerging company, helping the company's founders attain their goals and seeing the company reach its optimal potential.

Given the unique needs of an emerging business, we provide tailored legal services including flat rate fees for several matters. 

Significant Areas of Service

  • Drafting the standard agreements, contracts and documents required to get your business up and running
  • Advice on your business structure
  • Assistance with incorporation
  • Advice on non-disclosure agreements and other ways to protect your ideas
  • Advice on intellectual property matters including copyrights, patents and licenses
  • Advice on how to find and attract investors to your company
  • Advice and preparation of financing documents
  • Advice on securities laws
  • Advice on employment policies, procedures and agreements
  • Guidance on early stage tax considerations and issues
  • Advice on corporate governance matters
  • Assistance with the transactional aspects of the business

Representative Work

  • Counsel to Reid-Parker Holdings Ltd. in respect of seed financing and the corporate organization of the operating arm of the organization in 2017 .
  • Counsel to Canadian Virtual Gurus Inc. in respect of seed financing and an initial shareholders agreement in 2016 .
  • Counsel to Petrofeed Inc., a developer of technology, to streamline the coordination and management of the world's remote work, in its initial 2012 financing and its 2014 second round financing.
  • Counsel to Cenovus Environmental Opportunity Fund in its 2012 investment in Hifi Engineering Inc., a developer of leading edge fiber optic sensing technologies, primarily used to monitor gas and fluid flow in pipelines and oil and gas wells.
  • Counsel to Cenovus Environmental Opportunity Fund in its 2011 investment in General Fusion Inc., a company focused on developing the fastest and most practical path to commercial fusion energy.
  • Counsel to Cenovus Environmental Opportunity Fund in its 2011 investment in Saltwork Technologies Inc., a developer of energy efficient ways to convert salt water into fresh water through desalination.